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The City of Oblivion 域忘之都

2007, 7min 45 Sec.

The concept is based on the globe pollution issue and the fact that people produce unnecessary waste everyday because their desire for new products and every greater quantities. Garbage is continuing to accumulate because of people’s careless attitudes towards resources.


  1. Gold Award for Creative Artistic Style, The 5th Taiwan International Animation Festival, 2007

Official Selection

  1. The 18th Festival CineRail, 2010.3.2-9, France. 

  2. The 25th International Short Film Festival Berlin, 2009.11.3-8, Germany. 

  3. 2008 Global Chinese Short Film Festival, China. Top 20 Best Animations.

  4. 2008 Milano Film Festival, 2008.9.12-21, Italy. 

  5. 2008 Hiroshima International Animation Festival, 2008.8.7-11, Japan. 

  6. SYRFILM'08 Syracuse international film festival, 2008.4.25-5.4, USA.

  7. The 9th Puchon International Student Animation Festival, 2007.11.2-6, South Korea.

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