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Howl 吼

2012, 3 min, 

Director: Yuan-Chen Nien/ Artistic Director: Hui-ching Tseng/ Animator: Yuan-Chen Nien, Chia-Ann Chen, Cheng-Ling Wu, Hui-Ping Huang, Ching-Ang Yu/ Sound: Cheng-Ling Wu/ Music: Hui-Ping Huang


Imagination is a way to escape from realities. As a Chinese old saying goes “I work like a dog”. The character design uses “dogs” as a metaphor to represent the office workers, the story is trying to make the contrast between real life and imagination.  This is modern fairy tale of a guardian monster that always comes to rescue the main character when he face difficulties in life, just like in the comic book. But the truth is that was only in he imagination, the problem was never been resolved. The animation is all done by hand drawings and cardboard box, the style mimic the storyboard of a comic book to emphasis the dramatic senses.



  1. The 17th edition of the International Short Film Festival Winterthur, Germany

  2. APT7-Mountains and Waters: Chinese Animation Since the 1930s, Australia. 

  3. Taiwan: Contemporary Animation,  8 December 2012 ~14 April 2013, Australia.

  4. The 9th Animateka International Animation Festival, 2012/Dec/03-09, Slovenia

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