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Keepsake 信物

2018, 3 min,

Use the traditional method of Rotoscoping and digital multimedia into our animation. The goal is to find a new style of graphic. The story is to present the common office life in Taiwan. The scenes were shot in Tainan, which is the oldest city in Taiwan. The old city and mordent life become an interesting comparison.

Director: Tien-Wei Yeh/ Scriptwriter: Chung-Yueng Liu/ Cast: Yen-Chieh Chen, Chung-Yueng Liu/ Animator: Po-Kai Wang, Yen-Chieh Chen, Bo-Hui Yu/ Sound&Music: Chung-Yueng Liu/ Editing: Chung-Yueng Liu/ Producer & Artistic Director: Hui-ching Tseng

Special Mention:

2019/ 09/ 9-13The 6th Golden Snail World Children Animated Film Festival, Serbia.


Official Selection: 

  1. The Independent Film Festival of Sogamoso,2019/August/7-12 ​Colombia

  2. LGBTQ Shorts Film Festival​, Montana, 2019/June/11 United States.

  3. The 5th International Film Festival in the Mountains, Quindio, 2019/ June/ 3-9 Colombia.

  4.  Paraná Films Festival, Entre Rios, 2018/Dec/5-12 Argentina.

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