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Funny Clay

2011, 1 min

Love is the best way to solve conflict. This is a clay animation made by children. Their are three sisters between 6-13. It is a play with clay. The main character is a little girl who has bad temper. The hand is trying to please her by playing music for her. Then many birds come to be friend her. Finally she is happy and the rainbow appears on the sky, making everybody happy as well.

Director: Chien-chun Tseng/ Script writer: Hui-ching Tseng/ Animator: Yu-hsuan Tseng/ Editing: Hui-ching Tseng/ Photography: Chien-chun Tseng , Yu-hsuan Tseng/ Sound: Yi Tseng

Official Selection

The Shortie Awards: International Film and News Festival, 2011.10.13-23, USA. 獲11-14導演首獎

Big Eyes, Big Minds: The 3rd Singapore International Children's Film Festival, 2013.6.22-29, Singapore.

The 9th Little Big Shorts international Film Festival for Children 國際短片競賽

The 29th Chicago International Children’s Film Festival, 2012.10.26-11.4, USA.

The 22nd Internationales RTL Köln Comedy Festival, Oct.  18~Nov. 3, 2012,  Germany.

The 21st Cairo International Film Festival for Children, 2012.3.23-30, Eygrp. 兒童導演競賽

2012 Animex Awards, 2012.2.6-10, UK

The 8th International Animation Film Festival Animateka, 2011.12.5-18, Slovenia. 國際競賽單元 Little Elephant

The 31st Annual Hawaii International Film Festival, 2011.10.13-23, USA. 國際兒童短片競賽單元

2011 Anifest International festival of Animation, 2011.4.26-5.2, Czech Republic. 國際競賽片

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