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Green Evolution 綠色進化論

2012, 2min25Sec.

Green is the color of life and peace, In this film green is the inner state of oneself. Evolution is not just happen physically, it could also be a mentally state. The plot is to show the self-contradictions of human nature in a funny way.

Producer/ Artistic Director: Hui ching Tseng/ Director: Hong-hsuan Tsai/ Scriptwriter: Wei-hsuan Wang/ Photographer: Chia-lin Chen/ Animator: Chia-lin Chen , Wei-hsuan Wang/ Music: Hong-hsuan Tsai/ Sound: Wen-chi Tseng/ Editor: Wen-chi Tseng/ Cast: Hong-hsuan Tsai/ Graphic art: Wen-chi Tseng, Chia-lin Chen


  1. The 21st Cairo International Film Featival for Children, March 23~30, 2012, Cairo Eygpt.

  2. The 16th Animac, the International Animation Show of Catalonia, March1-3 2012.

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