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Paper Cut (trailer) 


Director: Hui-ching Tseng
Music: József Iszlai

The film uses commercial product catalogs to create visual animation effects through paper-cutting. In recent years, the author has tried various experimental methods to create animation by using materials founded in daily life, such as the recycled garbage advertising catalogs. This animation creates a reason for these useless advertising images to be worth watching again. The title “Paper Cut” means that the image is reborn through the cutting action, and new ideas and values ​​are obtained. The purpose of the experiment is to discover new possibilities and ideas by breaking the limitations of the media.



  1. Free the Kitsch Athens Film Fest, 1-4 Dec 2022, Greece.

  2. Panama Series Festival, 10 June 2022, Panama.

  3. IX Festival Nacional e Internacional de Cine de los Llanos 2022, Mar 2021, Venezuela.

  4. Nunavut International Film Festival, 21-27 Feb 2022, Canada.

  5. Future Vision Festival 異色アニメ映画祭,  12 Dec 2021, Japan.

  6. The 17th San Rafael en Corto Short Film Festival, 6-12 Nov 2021, Spain.

  7. ReAnima: Bergen International Animation Festival, 11-14 Nov 2021, Bergen Norway.

  8. stirandfry International Short Film Competition, 10-17 July 2021, United Kingdom.

  9. Noble International Film Festival And Awards, online screening, 30 May~30 Aug 2021, India.

  10. 21 Islands International Short Film Fest,14~30th April 2021, New York, USA.

  11. Aao Creative Collective Short Film Festival, 23 Jan 2021, India.

  12. The 19th Festival de Cinema Estudantil de Guaíba,  5 Dec 2020, Brazil.

  13. The 7th Veracruz World Film Festival, 7~ 30 Dec 2020, Mexico. 

  14. 2020 Flick! Experimental Film Festival, 2 Dec 2020, NC, USA.

  15. The 10th Los Llanos Film Festival, 18-21 Nov 2020, Venezuela.

  16. XV(the15th) Encuentro De Videocorto A Pantalla Abierta 2020, 18-25 Nov 2020, Mexico.

  17. The 4th of Churumbela Film Festival for kids. 27 Nov~ 1Dec 2020, Mexico.

  18. 第21回映像公開フォーラムオンライン, 14 November 2020, Japan.

  19. "Am I here?" exhibition at The Korean Society Of Media & Arts, 1-7 Dec 2020, Gwangju, South Korea.

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