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Resonance Ink (trailer) 


Director: Hui-ching Tseng
Music: József Iszlai
This animation was inspired by a piece of music titled “ Mollis” which was written by József Iszlai. It is experimental animation which trying to use the non-traditional animation material found in daily life. The technique is shooting time-lapse of drawing on a fabric which turn to black with clear water. The water creates ink stroke like effect. The stroke disappears after fabric is dried out.

  1. The Animation Nights New York 2023, 25 Jun 2023, USA.
  2. Happy Valley Animation Festival, 29 Mar 2023, USA.
  3. The 2nd Free Film Festival Pro, 31 May 2022, Argentina.
  4. XI Festival de Cine de los llanos 2022, Dece 2022, Venezuela.
  5. Noble International Film Festival And Awards, online screening, 30 May~30 Aug 2021, India.
  6. the 2021 KOSMA spring International invitation Exhibition, 29 May~ 29 June 20201, South Korea
  7. Stir and Fry International Short Film Competition, 10-17 July 2021, United Kingdom.
  8. 21 Islands International Short Film Fest,14~30 Apr 2021, New York, USA.

  9. Tthe 4th Flick! Experimental Film Festival, 2 Dec 2020, USA.

  10. MM Fest International Festival of Children and Youth Animated Film, 19-23 Nov 2020, Serbia.

  11. XV(the15th) Encuentro De Videocorto A Pantalla Abierta 2020, 18-25 Nov 2020, Mexico.

  12. The 10th Los Llanos Film Festival, 18-21 Nov 2020, Venezuela.

  13. The 4th of Churumbela Film Festival for kids. ​27 Nov~ 1Dec 2020, Mexico.

  14. 第21回映像公開フォーラムオンライン, 14 Nov 2020, Japan

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