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Love Earth 愛地球

2012, 2 min 40 sec.

Change they way we look at the world; you will find that life full of wonderful things. Even the most obscure stuff can become very beautiful and interesting. Use found objects and recycling to construct the images, to depict the scenes form the Earth, sea and into the sky. We hope that people cherish things around them because it is very lovely world.

Director: Chien-chun Tseng/ Script writer: Hui-ching Tseng/ Animator: Yu-hsuan Tseng/ Editing: Hui-ching Tseng/ Photography: Chien-chun Tseng , Yu-hsuan Tseng/ Sound: Yi Tseng/ Music: Kevin Macleod

2013 The Chinese American Film Festival, California. 
the 23rd International Short Film Festival Flickerfest, 10th - 19th January 2014, Australia
The 6th International ArtFilm Festival for children in Colombia, Colombia.

The 19th Los Angeles Film Festival, June 13 to 23, 2013.

The 56th San Francisco International Film Festival, 2013/April/25-May/9

The 29th Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, May 2-12, 2013, USA

Big Eyes, Big Minds :The 3rd Singapore International Children's Film Festival, June 22-29, 2013

The 9th Little Big Shorts international Film Festival for Children, Australia.

The 30th FIFE – Environmental International Film Festival, 2013/ Feb /19~2, France

The 9th Animateka International Animation Festival, Dec. 12~16 Maribor, Slovenia.

2012 Bradford Animation Festival, England. 2012/Nov./13-17

The 29th Chicago International Children’s Film Festival, Oct/26~Nov/4, 2012, USA

The 20th Anima Mundi : International Animation Festival of Brazil, Brazil. 2012/ Sept /21~27

The 17th Milano Film Festival, Italy. 2012/Sept/12-23

New Zealand International Film Festival, July ~ December 2012, New Zealand.

The 35th Asian American International Film Festival, July 25~Augest 05, 2012, USA

The 12th Melbourne International Animation Festival (MIAF) June 17-24, 2012, Australia

The 21st Cairo International Film Festival for Children, March 23~30, 2012, Cairo Egypt.

2012 Acer Digital Arts Award in Taiwan.

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