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The Artist and His Magic 藝術家與他的魔法

2007, 7min. 50sec.

A girl she had a magic book; when she left the magic book opened. The contents escape from the book. Although She felt frustrate but she decides to take on a journey, to seek for what she has lost.

Director& animator: Yi Chun Lin/ Wei Shiang Weng/ Artistic Director: Hui-ching Tseng/

Cinema photography: Yi Yin Chen, Sih Ci Jhang/ Visual Effects: Fong Jie Cheng, Han Chun Huang/ Editing: Sih Ci Jhang, Ting Chen Fan/ Actress: Yi Yin Chen/ Graphic art: Ting Chen Fan

  1. The 21st Cairo International Film Festival for Children, Egypt.

  2. The 7th Hong Kong Asian Film Festival, 2010.10.22-11.08, Hong Kong.

  3. The 14th Pusan International Film festival, 2009.10.8-16, SouthKorea.

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