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Linnei Taindi Broom 林內天地掃 

2020, 4min 20Sec.

Linnei Tiandi Broom is a story about the small district call Linyuan which is on the outskirts of Kaohsiung city in Taiwan. This film is a collaborate work by artists from different professional fields and different ages. The Images were drawn by 30 elementary school kids in the Linyuan to Introduce their hometown through the local legend of Tiandi Broom, and the story was written by scriptwriters from the area. The children of Linyuan also recorded the voice. Then all these material are given to 10 animators in university. Every animator makes part of the animation to complete the story about Linyuan.

Director:Huiching Tseng/ Producer: Wen-Chuan Li/ Animator: Yan-Bin Yang, Yi-Zhen He, Yu-Xuan Tian, Hui-Ying Wang, Tai-Hui Chou, Yu-Xuan Wang, Yu-ling Chang, Hsuan Huang


  1. Omovies@School, 1~12 Dec. 2021, Italy

  2. the 2nd Calcutta International Short Film Festival, 17~19 Nov. 2021, India.

  3. the 5th Festival de Cine Infantil Churumbela, Nov27~Dec 01 2020,  Mexico.

  4. The 3rd Gimpo International Youth Film Festival, 5-13 Dec 2020, South Korea

  5. The10th Los Llanos Film Festival, 18-21 Nov 2020, Venezuela.

  6. XV(the15th) Encuentro De Videocorto A Pantalla Abierta 2020, 18-25 Nov 2020, Mexico.

  7. East Northeast Film Festival, 16-23 Nov 2020, New York, USA.

  8. 第23回映像公開フォーラム, 14 Nov 2020, Japan.

  9. Home Quarantine Creation International Film Festival, 16-17 Nov 2020, India.

  10. Calibélula International Children“s and Youth Film Festival, 26-30 Oct 2020, Colombia.

  11. Villammare Film Festival, 22-29 Aug 2020, Italy. 


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