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Rainy House 下雨的房間

2009, 4min 21sec., 

The animation was executed in a surrealistic style to challenge the possibilities of animation making. It employs a variety of media types and techniques. The plot reflects the empty feeling that can accumulates in modern life, implies that life has boundless meaning if we remind open to new possibility.

Director: Chao-Chi Chen/ Artistic Direction & Script: Hui-ching Tseng/ Crew: I-Ting Hsu, Kuan-I Li, Hung-Ju Li, I-Chun Mu, Yi-Hsuan Tseng, Szu-Cheng Cheng, Yuan-Yuan Huang

  1. 2010 The 21st Cairo International Film Festival for Children, Egypt.

  2. 2010.11.11-22 Microwave International New Media Arts Festival,  Hong Kong. 

  3. 2010.11.5-11 The 2nd Seoul International Extreme-Short Image & Film Festival, Seoul.  

  4. 2010.3.17-24The 16th Regensburg Short Film Week, Germany. 

  5. 2009 Taiwan International Design Competition.

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