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The Legend of Lin Ban-Sian  林半仙傳說 

2021, 3min 33Sec.

This is a folk legend from the Lin-Yuan area of Taiwan, about a geographer from China. The local people called him Lin Ban-sian, the name “Ban-sian” means that he is a prophet. He stayed in Lin-Yuan by chance, because the local people believe in feng shui, and there are many special terrains with feng shui terms, and this story connects these geographical terms into a story. The animation story is a collaboration between local elementary school students and a group of university volunteers majoring in animation. The elementary school students are involved in the production of characters and scene design, as well as the actual filming process. The university students assisted them in the operation and guidance, and performed the local legendary story from the children's perspective.


Director:Huiching Tseng/ Producer: Wen-Chuan Li/ Animator: Yu-Xuan Tian, Yu-Ling Chang, Ming-Hui Chen, Yu-Chen Liu, Hui-Ying Wang/ Voice:Tung-Yu Liu / StopMotion: Yu-Chi Kung, Chen-Wen Huang, Tzu-Chen Huang, Chen-Yu Huang, Chiao-Yu Chen, Hsiang-Ling Chang Chien, Chun-Chi Chang Chien, Ching-Hsuan Liu, Tung-Yu Liu, Yu-chin Liu, Yu-Chen Liu

Official Selection:

  1. The 39th Festival de Cine de Bogotá, 20-26 Oct 2022, Bogotá,Colombia. 

  2. Tubifest Film Festival, 24-26 June 2022, Burgos, Spain.

  3. CartoonClub International Festival of Animation Cinema, Comic and Games, 11~17 Jul 2022, Rimini, Italy

  4. Panama Series Festival, 10 June 2022, Panama.

  5. Santander International Independent Film Festival, 21~25 Feb 2022, Colombia.

  6. The 20th Dhaka International Film Festival, 15~23 January 2022, Bangladesh.

  7. The 4th Gimpo International Youth Film Festival, 20~28 Nov 2021, South Korea.

  8. The Stone Flower Youth Film Festival, 20 Nov 2021, Russian.

  9. Noble International Film Festival And Awards, online screening, 30 May~30 Aug 2021, India.

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