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Paper Touch 紙感

2011, 4 min 15 sec.

Play with paper and explore the possibilities of creating visual illusions with stop-motion animation. The sequence is like a visual music - the colors and shapes are the instruments. We wanted to play a visual game that was both serious and fun. Just like life, contradiction and harmony often coexist. 

Director: Hui-ching Tseng/ Script writer: Yen-Chang Cheng, Bo-Long Ho/ Animator: Siao-Jyun Wu, Wei-Yao Wang/ Photography: Bo-Long Ho, Siao-Jyun Wu/ Music: Mateo Solares, Dan Lambert/ Sound: Mateo Solares Dan Lambert/ Graphic art: Ching-Chaio Hong, Kai-Wun Wang/ Editing: Yu-Cheng Tsou/ Producer: Szuhsin Lee, Hui-ching Tseng/

Official Selection/ Competition:

  1. 2018 Kosma Gwangju International Invitational Exhibition. Nov.14-18, 2018, South Korea.​

  2. New York International Children’s Film, March 01-24, 2013, USA

  3. Clair Obscur:The 23rd Travelling Festival, Jan 19-26, 2013, UK

  4. Trick Animation Film Festival, March18-20, 2013, Italy

  5. The 22nd Les Nuits Magiques international animated film festival, Dec. 5-13, 2012, France.

  6. The 32nd Annual Hawaii International Film Festival, Oct/ 11-21, 2012, USA

  7. The 18th Milano Film Festival, Sept.12-23, 2012, Italy

  8. The 8th Budapest Short International Film Festival, Sept.4-9, 2012, Hungary

  9. Toronto Animated Arts Festival International (TAAFI), July6~8, 2012,  Canada

  10. The 14th Taipei Film Festival, June29~July 21, 2012, Taiwan

  11. The 66th Edinburgh International Film Festival, June 20-July10, 2012, England.

  12. The 40th Huesca International Film Festival, June 9-16, 2012, Spain.

  13. The 12th Melbourne International Animation Festival (MIAF), June17-24, 2012, Australia

  14. Seattle International Film Festival, July17-24, 3012, USA

  15. The 21st Cairo International Film Featival for Children, March 23~30, 2012, Cairo Eygpt.

  16. The 18th Regensburg Short Film Week, March 14~21, 2012, Germany.

  17. The 16th Animac, the International Animation Show of Catalonia, March1-3rd 2012.

  18. The 23rd Edition of Aguilar Short Film Festival, Nov. 3th -7th 2011, Palencia, Spain.

  19. The 29th Aix-en-Provence International Film Festival, Nov. 28th – Dec. 2nd, 2011, France.

  20. The 10th Reggio Film Festival: International Short Film Contest, Nov. 10th -15th 2011, Italy.

  21. The 9th Asiana International Short Film Festival, Nov. 02nd – 7th 2011, South Korea.

  22. The 21st Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival- Curta Cinema 2011, Oct. 28th to Nov. 6th  2011, Brazil.

  23. The 16th International Film Festival for Children and Young Audience, October 10th to 16th 2011, Germany.

  24. The 28th Festival de Cine de Bogotá, October 10th - 18th 2011, Colombia.

  25. 2011 Eksjö International Animation Festival, Sept 22nd -24th 2011, Sweden.

  26. The 1st Fördedampfer Kurzfilm Festival, Aug 15, Germany

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