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Low-Tech  低科技

2010, 3 min

The animation is made in a “low-Tech” fashion. It is aimed to look at modern technology from a humorous angle. Using perspective parallax and traditional stop-motion technique, to mimic the modern high-end technology. Even the music is made by simplest technique by recording toy music and vocal singing. Using Low-Tech equipments as a way to explore the possibility and variety of animation making techniques.


Director: Chung-Yu Chen/ Script & Artistic Direction: Hui-ching Tseng/ Crew: Chung-Yu Chen, Chen-yi Wu, Wan-chin Lin, Yi-Jung Chung, Kun-chin Li


Official Selection & Competiotn:

  1. Big Eyes, Big Minds: The 3rd Singapore International Children's Film Festival, Singapore, 2013.06.22-29.

  2. The 6th Athens International Short Film Festival Psarokokalo, 2012/2/ 16~22, Italy

  3. 2012 Kuala Lumpur International Short Film Festival, Jan 30th~ Feb 1st, 2012, Malaysia.

  4. The 14th International Short Film Festival La Boca del Lobo, Oct 19-30, 2011. Madrid, Spain.

  5. The 30th Uppsala International Short Film Festival, Oct 24th -30th 2011, Sweden.

  6. The 28th Festival de Cine de Bogotá, October 10th -18th 2011, Colombia.

  7. The 3rd Seoul international Extreme-Short Image & Film Festival, September 29th to October 4th 2011, South Korea.

  8. “La longue Nuit du Court” organized by LES 3 CONTINENTS, Sept 17th 2011, Nantes, France.

  9. The 5th European Media Art Festival, April 27th -May 1st 2011, Germany.

  10. The 7th edition of Fête de l'animation, March 17th~20th 2011, France.

  11. The 5th annual international LUMS film festival, Feb. 12th – 13th 2011, Pakistan.

  12. The 21st Cairo International Film Festival for Children, March 3rd -10th 2011, Egypt.

  13. The 2nd Ares Film & media Festival, Dec.16th -21st 2010, Italy.

  14. The 26th Interfilm Berlin International Short Film Festival, Nov. 16th – 21st, 2010, Germany.

  15. The 9th Reggio Film Festival: International Short Film Contest, Nov. 10th -14th 2010, Italy.

  16. The 5th China (Beijing) International Student Animation Festival, Oct. 28th -31st 2010, China.

  17. The 5th Busan International Kids' Film Festival, Aug 11st – 15th, 2010, South Korea.

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