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Canned Life 罐頭日常

2021, 3min 36Sec.


Every day, the protagonist is squeezed out of the toothpaste, barely forced to go to work, rushed into the bus, then transported to the congested office, there is always endless work waiting for him, after being overcrowded by work, turned into a pile of waste, squeezed into the drains, and then back into the original toothpaste, and so on, day after day.



Director: Yu-Ling Chang,  Scriptwriter/ Art Director: Hsuan Huang, Coloring/ Animator: Yu-Ju Hu, Hsuan Huang, Character Design: Jia-Yi Lin, Sound: Yu-Ling  Chang, Visual Effects/ Editing: Jia-Yi Lin/ Producer: Hui-ching Tseng,

Official Selection:

  1. the 6th 21 Islands International Short Film Fest, 9 Feb 2023, New Yorkm, USA.

  2. The 39th Festival de Cine de Bogotá, 20-26 Oct 2022, Bogotá,Colombia. 

  3. Galician Freaky Film Festival, 22 Sept~1 Oct 2022, Spain.

  4. Khabarovsk International Animation Film Festival "Animur", 30 Sept 2022, Russia.

  5. 8º Psychoactive Short Film Festival, 24-17 Aug 2022, Colombia.

  6. Panama Series Festival, 10 June 2022, Panama.

  7. The 6th Open Air Short Film Festival, 5-6 June 2022,Minsk, Belarus.

  8. Afterlife Film Festival, 4 March 2022, Johannesburg, South Africa.

  9. T-Short Animated Film Online Festival, 10-27 May, 2022, Germany.

  10. Santander International Independent Film Festival, 21~25 Feb 2022, Colombia.

  11. The 20th Dhaka International Film Festival, 15~23 January 2022, Bangladesh.

  12. Noble International Film Festival And Awards, online screening, 30 May~30 Aug 2021, India.


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