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SeeD 籽

2013, 3 min, 

Life is a journey of unknown realm. This is a journey of an unknown rounded object in search for it’s own identity, He escape from the bird and go through many attacks, every time when he changed to another environment he gain an extra leaf on the head. He didn't know what it was? He never gives up hope even when he experienced a lot of difficulties and adversity of the life. Finally he was tired and lay down to rest on the ground. Then the life takes an unexpected turn.

Director: Yu-hsuan Tseng (12 yrs old), Chien- Chun Tseng(14 yrs old)/ Sound& Voice: Yi Tseng ( 7 yrs old)/ 

Artistic Director& Scriptwriting & Editor: Hui-ching Tseng.

2013 Festival of Animation Muskoka,2013.10.10-12, Canada.

The 21th Anima Mundi : International Animation Festival of Brazil, 2013.08.2-11, Brazil.

The 36th Asian American International Film Festival , 2013.7.24 -8.03, New York. 

The 67th Edinburgh International Film Festival, 2013.6.19- 06.30, UK. 

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