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Pohyper 人・超連結

2012, 3 min, 

The images were printed on the T-shirts. Then shoot the frames into sequence photos to make the animation. The plot is about the link between the real life and imagination. The images shown on the T-shirts are created by the imagination of the protagonist, which interacted with the real world around him. The imagination it can be much wilder than the real life.


Official Selection:

  1. 2014 Animafest Cyprus: View Of The World.2014.07.17-22.

  2. 2014 Boston International Children’s Film Festival, 2014.05.09-25

  3. The 2014 New York International Children's festival, 2014.03.07-30

  4. The 29th International Short Film Festival Berlin 2013

  5. The 30th Chicago International Children's Film Festival, October 25 - November 3, 2012. Chicago, USA .

  6. The 39th edition of FILMETS Badalona Film Festival, 2013/ Nov/ 8-17, Barcelona Spain.

  7. APT 7: Mountains and Waters: Chinese Animation Since the 1930s. 2013

  8. Taiwan: Contemporary Animation, 8 December 2012 — 14 April 2013, Australia.

  9. Internacional Film Festival MICE, Jan18-21 2013, Valenceia Spain

  10. The 9th Animateka International Animation Festival, 2012/Dec/03-09, Slovenia

  11. The 17th International Film Festival for Children and Young Audience Schlingel, Oct 15-21, 2012, Germany

  12. The 11st Reggio Film Festival, 2012/Oct/05-09, Italy

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