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#hAPPy  標記快樂

2020, 2min 46Sec.

The title “ #hAPPy” means two words “ Happy” and “APP”. The animation is trying to represent the phenomenon of social chaos which people think their happiness is mostly coming from the social media. Using “#” means that the audiences and creator of this animation are sharing the same point of view.

In the Self-media, the popularity is rated by the number of clicks. Therefore, many so called cyber celebrity are doing ridiculous and extreme behaviors to attract audience’s attention.  The plot of this story are inspired by some of the true stories that happening on the internet. Use black humor to make the audience think about the absurdity of such a social phenomenon.

Director:Yu-Ju Kuo, Scriptwriter: Tzu-Ling  Hsiao, Pei-Wen Chen, Nian-Qin Wu, Animator: Tzu-Ling  Hsiao, Music/ Sound: Pei-Wen Chen, Editor: Nian-Qin Wu

Producer/ Artistic Director: Hui ching Tseng


Super Prize of Professional film section, The 3rd Gimpo International Youth Film Festival, 

Official Selection:

  1. SEMANA ¡VIVA EL CINE! Film Festival , 13-17 September 2021, Argentina.

  2. Noble International Film Festival And Awards, online screening, 1September 2021, India.

  3. Linoleum Contemporary Animation and Media Art Festival, 1~ 5 September 2021, Ukraine. 

  4. Seoul Metro International Subway Film Festival 서울교통공사 국제지하철영화제, 01 July~ 12 Sep 2021, South Korea.

  5. Stir and Fry International Short Film Competition, 10~17 July 2021, United Kingdom.

  6. Free Film Festival Pro Film Festival, 31 May 2021 , Argentina.

  7. Formula Mundi International Film Festival, 18 June~02 July 2021, Germany

  8. Patmos Cinema Festival, 22, June 2021, Greece

  9. Animakom International Animation Festival, 28 June~ 4th July 2021, Bilbao Spain.

  10. Open Air Short Film Festival, 05-06 June 2021, Belarus.

  11. Anim!Arte - International Student Animation Festival of Brazil, 24 May~13 June 2021,  Brazil.

  12. Neoclassic Multimedia Fest, 15 March 2021, online event.

  13. MAX3MIN - Very Short Film Festival, 2021 online event, Italy.

  14. Gbeck Future Film Festival, 2 April 2021, Canada.

  15. TAAFI - Toronto Animation Arts Festival International, 24-27 March 2021, Canada.

  16. VOID International Animation Film Festival, 25 Feb~ 06 Mar 2021, Denmark.

  17. The 7th Veracruz World Film Festival, 7~ 30 Dec 2020, Mexico. 

  18. Home Quarantine Creation International Film Festival, 16-17 Nov 2020, India. 

  19. Animacción- International Animation Festival, 12~14 Dec 2020, Spain.

  20. Final Girls Chile - Fantastic Film Festival, 12-15 Nov 2020, Chile.

  21. The 14th Big Cartoon Festival, Oct 29~ Nov 9 2020, Moscow, Russian.

  22. People and Religions – Terni Film Festival, 7 Nov 2020, Italy.

  23. XXIII (the 23rd) Animaevka International Festival of Animation Films, 25-28 Oct 2020, Belarus.

  24. Animafantasia International Student Animated Film Festival, 19~27 Oct 2020, Romania

  25. Tournez court film festival, 8 Oct 2020,  France

  26. Kursaal Film Festival San Sebastián (KFFSS), 15-30 Sept 2020, Spain

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