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 The Pigeon Song 這首鴿

2021, 3min 28Sec.

The main pigeon is the best in racing pigeon flying, no one can compete with him, and he even has a unique victory song, originally he was simply enjoying and happy to fly in the air, but slowly became complacent and conceited. Later, his owner sold him to someone else, and he came to a more competitive living environment, where unfamiliar people and things brought him great excitement and fear, making him unable to integrate into the new group and gradually losing confidence. He began to doubt himself, believing that he could not do anything well, but it was at this time that he discovered that he had a singing talent that gave him back his confidence and his peers began to like him.



Director: Jia-Ping Xu/ Script writer: Dai-Hui Zhou/ Animator: Yu-Xuan Wang, Hui-Ying Wang, Dai-Hui Zhou/ Character Design: Yu-Xuan Wang/ Sound: Hui-Ying Wang/ Music: Tzu-Yu Tseng/ Editing: Yu-Xuan Wang/ Background Design: Xiu-Wen Zhang/ Color:Xiu-Wen Zhang.

Official Selection:

  1. The 39th Festival de Cine de Bogotá, 20-26 Oct 2022, Bogotá,Colombia. 

  2. AniFestROZAFA-the 13th International Film Festival for children and young people,14 - 17 Nov 2022, Albania.

  3. Mostra de Cinema de Fama, 6-9 Oct 2022, Brazil.

  4. XIII (13th)  FILM : Children and Adolescence festival, 5-10 Sept. 2022, Colombia.

  5. The 7th Chaniartoon - International Comic & Animation Festival, Sept 5-7 2022, Chania, Greece.

  6. The 11th Ojo al Piojo International Film Festival, 18-22 Aug 2022, Argentina.

  7. The 10th Constantine's Gold Coin animation Film Festival, 18~22 July 2022, Serbia.

  8. CartoonClub International Festival of Animation Cinema, Comic and Games, 11~17 Jul 2022, Rimini, Italy

  9. Panama Series Festival, 10 June 2022, Panama.

  10. Santander International Independent Film Festival, 21~25 Feb 2022, Colombia.

  11. The 20th Dhaka International Film Festival, 15~23 January 2022, Bangladesh.

  12. Noble International Film Festival And Awards, online screening, 1September 2021, India.


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